Benefits of Purple Tea

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Purple tea is a herbal tea indigenously grown in Kenya. It is grown specifically in the Mount Kenya regions and is known for its medical benefits and delightful lingering aroma. The Anthocyanins in the produces the brown colour and is a host of numerous antioxidants that have been linked to weight loss, fighting cancer, reducing the risk of hypertension or cardiac arrest and improves cognitive performance.

Did you know the antioxidant activity in purple tea is much greater than that in black or green tea? As a result of this, continuous and consistent consumption of the tea reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases. The antioxidants also help in ridding the body of toxins, promoting digestion and reducing bloating. Subsequently, GHG is a unique component in purple tea which through research has shown to support weight loss by reducing fat mass while improving body composition.

The above establishes that Purple tea, Specifically Slay Tea is a must have as it not only has a refreshing taste but also has tremendous health benefits. Why struggle when Slay is the Way!!!!!!

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